Here you will find a listing of all of our Sessions that will be featured at InspirED Convention. Click on the Session titles and speaker names for more information. The number beside each session indicates the number of people who have registered for that session. 

Name Speakers # Registrations Capacity Location Name
Session A
Making the Most of this Cultural MomentDr. Rebecca McLaughlin 1019 Ennarson Auditorium
Session B
ADST with Tech Tools to engage studentsLuke Qi 1516DV 104
BC School Sports and Independent Schools: Trends and Hot TopicsMike Campbell 2535DV 102
Beliefs and Practices: Assessment for Flourishing with Dave MulderDave Mulder 8385RGK 433
Classroom Management 101 7172RGK 221
Cultivating the Teacher and EA RelationshipVanessa Neufeld 5454RGK 202
Developing an Indigenous Philosophy of EducationRay Aldred Jenny Sanders 134140RGK 116
Effective Parent Communications for the 21st century 3035DV 101
Flipped Classroom: Making Middle School Math Accessible for All with Simon BraunSimon Braun 1325DV 110
How to Integrate Skilled Trades Program in Middle and High School 88RGK 330
How to Make the Most of Your Canva for Education AccountTim Cavey 3842DV 114
Introduction to Disciplinary Literacy and Collaborative Conversations with John Ruch and Brad Mathewson 1010RGK 351
Literature Circles with John VroegopJohn Vroegop 2528RGK 201
Outdoor Education Program Sharing Session with Jon Lampard and Tom Veenstra 3135RGK 203
Planning For Adequate Retirement Income - Canada 3840DV 106
Playing with Paint and FireAmy Wilson 3030RGK - 3rd floor lobby
Podcasts Projects with Rebekah LoconteRebekah Loconte 3643DV 113
Provincial Performance Standards in Action: How Learning Progressions Make Learning and Assessment Come Alive in the ClassroomDarren Spyksma 3235RGK 106
Reimagining Parent-School Partnerships 930DV 107
School Supervision & Leadership - Derrick MohamedDerrick Mohamed 2625RGK 401
Storytelling in the Classroom with Mitchell Skjeveland 4545RGK 107
Teaching Elementary Science Using the Process of Scientific Inquiry with Susan DykshoornSusan Dykshoorn 3029RGK 349
Wellness and COVID - Managing, Revamping, and Pressing ForwardAndrew Neufeld 835RGK 204
What do you Expect: Physical Education and Numeracy?John Byl 1325Ennarson Studio
Working with Youth on the Spectrum: Advice from Autistic Educators Andrea Rajan & Alex Campbell 195195DV Auditorium
Session C
A LIVE Recording of the "Hallway Conversations" Podcast Dave Mulder 4448RGK 434
A Whole School Approach to Calming the Stressed Brain: Developing a School Culture that Supports Positive Behaviour & Learning Liz Ullrich Jenny Williams 8083RNT 121
Bridging Divides: Rooted in the Gospel and Engaging God’s World in a Culture of DivisionDave Loewen 153195DV Auditorium
Chapel Coordinators RoundtableAnthony Bigornia 1830DV 112
Constructive Crisis Communication: Communicating Carefully Through CrisisSimon Braun 824DV 104
Diversifying Biblical Studies for Senior Students 2136DV 101
Encouragement for Educators!Burke VanderHorst 2136DV 102
Equipping teachers and inviting students to connect their learning to God’s StoryDarryl DeBoer 7883RGK 433
How to Build a Vibrant Professional Learning Network on TwitterTim Cavey 1128RGK 201
Incorporating Movement into Elementary School ClassroomsStefanie Tong 3040DV 113
Introduction to Ableism and Disability in Education with Joyce Lo and Joseph KwanJoseph Kwan Joyce Lo 4849RGK 202
La Chandeleur - Making Crepes in French for French Teachers 1818RGK Lounge
Literacy Rich classrooms - Lit Circles and Mentor Texts with Kristi Cooper 4752RGK 107
Model United Nations at ACS (Patrick Naayer, Dan Olydam, Joanne Friesen) 1830DV 106
Music Fun & Games 3133RGK 106
Planning For Adequate Retirement Income - USA 5 RGK 401
Playing with Paint and FireAmy Wilson 2330RGK - 3rd floor lobby
Service-Learning and Faith Formation 2130DV 107
Shop Talk joel bron 14 RGK 203
Small-School Vice Principal Roundtable 7 DV 114
Socio-emotional Learning in the ClassroomVanessa Neufeld 113118RGK 116
STEM/ADST in the Elementary Classroom with Susan DykshoornSusan Dykshoorn 7477RNT 122
Tag, Tag, and More Tag (30…): Locomotor ChallengesJohn Byl 2629Ennarson Studio
The Provincial District Authority Scholarship: Celebrating the Big Plans that God has for Each ChildMike Campbell 5 RGK 204
Trauma Informed Practice - Beyond the BuzzwordAndrew Neufeld 111113RNT 125
Session D
Engaging with the Secular CreedDr. Rebecca McLaughlin 1019 Ennarson Auditorium