Here you will find a listing of all of our Sessions that will be featured at InspirED Convention Online. 

What is Convention Online?

InspirED Convention will have ten sessions live-streamed to your school, home, or device. You are an important part of the Convention and will be connected to our in-person Convention via Session Chats on our EventMobi App.

Where do I watch Convention Online?

Go to our Swoogo site, enter your email address and password. Try it now so you know it works. Don’t worry, there is a “reset password” link there. Everything will be on one page. Highly recommended to sit with some colleagues at your school who are joining in the same session. This way you can talk out loud during the session (frowned upon while in-person) and chat with all 1250 participants!

Computer, tablet, phone, big screen at school – does it matter what device I use?

No, but we recommend you log into Swoogo on the big screen. Then use your phone to open up EventMobi and access the same Session there. Watch on Swoogo. Chat on EventMobi.

Where is my agenda? I don’t see anything when I log into EventMobi.

When you signed up for Convention Online, you received access to all of our sessions that will be streamed online. Those sessions are visible on this page. This same agenda is accessible by choosing the “Agenda Online” link on the EventMobi home screen. Only in-person attendees will have a personalized agenda on the EventMobi homescreen.

Do I need to go on EventMobi if I am watching Convention Online?

Not really, but wait. We want you to be able to chat with everybody (not just those watching Convention Online). So we really recommend going to the EventMobi app and joining the chat there. Watch the session on our Swoogo event site. Chat with other teachers and EAs on our EventMobi app.