8:25 AM
Created to Flourish: Christian School Culture and CommunityLynn Swaner 1265
8:30 AM
Welcome and Worship 3
10:00 AM
Anxiety and School RefusalVanessa Neufeld 335
Can Christian Schools Abate Political Polarization?David Hunt 107
Designed for Relationship: An Innovative, Relational ApproachJoy Kelly 180
Flourishing Teachers: Does This Mean I Will Be Fulfilled and Happy?Rod Wilson 102
Formative Assessment: Deepening Learning and Guiding InstructionDarryl DeBoer 259
Leadership for Flourishing: PurposeAndy Wolfe 75
Repentance and ReconciliationRay Aldred 172
Understanding and Advocating for the Needs of Adoptees in SchoolMeagan Van Diermen 44
11:15 AM
Instructional Coaching: Inviting, Nurturing and Empowering Professional GrowthDarryl DeBoer 95
Leadership for Flourishing: Relationships and Well-BeingAndy Wolfe 123
Managing Anxious Behaviors at School (K – Gr. 7)Meagan Van Diermen 447
Student Discipline: Is God Against Sin or For Flourishing?Rod Wilson 131
Systemic Sabbath-Keeping – Creating a Culture of TrustDarren Spyksma 101
Understanding Adolescent Brain Development: Impact on LearningAndrea Chatwin 286
1:15 PM
Antecedent Intervention Strategies: How to Prevent Problems from HappeningVanessa Neufeld 243
Appreciative Assessment – Practices that Promote LearningDarren Spyksma 204
Building Community Through CollaborationSandra Paetkau 93
Eden Explains EverythingDan Fennell 94
Flourishing Classrooms: Students and Teachers Learning, TogetherLynn Swaner 111
Leadership for Flourishing: Learning and ResourcesAndy Wolfe 63
What do you Expect: Physical Education and Cross-Curricular ExpectationsJohn Byl 90
What Teachers Need to Know About Trauma and the BrainAndrea Chatwin 351
2:30 PM
Flourishing Together: Students, Educators, and SchoolsLynn Swaner Andy Wolfe 1265
3:30 PM
Closing Worship 1265